Online Trainings – Advantages and Disadvantages

With the demanding industry, students and candidates nowadays started opting for online courses. Online classes, courses, and certifications have undoubtedly become an easy way to earn college credit. However, they may not be an ideal learning method for everyone. Here are some of the pros and cons related to online training.


Flexibility: The facility of 24-hour long access to the course lets students log in anytime they like also letting them manage other work or academic activities.

No Travel: The best part of online courses and certifications is, candidates, do not have to travel physically to the training centres. They can learn and get certified right from their office or at the comfort of their homes.

Self-motivation: Students who enroll for the online courses can learn at their own pace. If they find a part of the course difficult, they can extend the course duration as they learn.

The Multimedia format: Students who opt for online courses learn through a number of ways. Not only text, the technology now supports Images, videos, and even Virtual Environments.


No Social Interaction: Students that enroll in an online course do not get a chance to interact socially. This lack of communication can sometimes hinder the learning process.

No Students- Teacher Interactions: Unlike the regular classroom courses, the online courses lack this quality. Students get to communicate with their teachers only in rare cases when they opt for online courseware. This way, many of their doubts remain unresolved.

Lack of Motivation:  In some cases, students need a push to attend classes. Such students when they know they can learn at their own pace, fail to successfully complete them.

Lack of Financial Aids: All online training centres do not favor a flexible financial aid, this may restrict some students to get enrolled for online certifications for some institutes.

A number of training centres that offers online courses very well understand both the aspects of such courses. Synergy, one of the proud partner of the CADD Training Services, is leading in this area and taking care of the students’ needs. Join the online courses offered today, get certified and grab the trending market opportunities to boost your career.

Is certification still considered as a value addition in job market

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The industry is filled with a buzz about certifications- the alternative education methods to prove your skills and abilities. But sometimes, a printed paper solely does not serve it all. Certain certifications only need to learn concepts and write them on a piece of paper to pass the test and get certified. While on the other hand, some of them require you to be more skillful and have a practical knowledge about the field.

Well, the best way to get certified is to learn the key concepts, best practices, and methods along with their practical implementation. A certified professional works best in the industry if he has the perfect blend of knowledge and expertise. There are several institutions that take special care in this regard and generate certified professionals that are directly employable across industries.

They help you Kick Start your Career

Certifications trains you best for the industry you look forward to join. The structured approach of the certification programs helps candidates learn the right thing at the right time. These start with the very basics letting the candidates implement their practical expertise as they progress.

Bridging the Gaps between Knowledge and Skill

Graduates that complete their formal education from the colleges are not directly employable across the industries.  Generally, they are not in the sync of what all is required out of them on the professional forefront. The best way to align the job opportunities with the young college graduates is certifications. Professional certifications have become a trusted criteria for many employers to hand pick candidates for employment.


Being certified, a candidate is counted to be credible and knowledgeable about that field. The certification is also a proof that the candidate has a common knowledge about the topic and can be considered to assign responsibilities regarding the job.

Certifications can be counted as value addition apart from the formal education offered in a university. They let students and professional grab more opportunities and demand high salaries in the job market. Synergy, one of the primary arms of the CADD Centre Training Services has the vision to empower individuals through its course and certifications. Join its courses in Project Management and People Skills and get accredited by one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

PMBOK 6th Edition – Changes expected

PMBOK 6th Edition copy The Project Management Body of Knowledge (or PMBOK) is a complete collection of methods, terminologies, best practices, and guidelines that are considered and adopted as standards within the project management industry. As Project Management Professionals and practitioners discover new changes that the PMBOK undergone. These changes are overseen by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI is global not for profit member association of the Project Management Professionals which collects, analyzes, and publishes the PMBOK within a book. The latest edition, the 6th edition is expected to be released in the market until the end of 2017, here we are going to discuss some of the updates this latest edition is expected to bring: Agile Practices: The new edition will introduce some fresh content that emphasizes the importance and relevance of the agile process. The PMBOK 6th Edition is expected to include a number of references to the agile practices. The PMI Talent Triangle: The PMBOK 6th Edition is expected to come with a completely new chapter on the role of Project Managers. This section is will discuss the significance of the PMI Talent Triangle along with the skill sets that are in demand for the project managers to help them make more competitive. The Closing Contract Authority: This is one of the major changes that will arrive in the PMBOK 6th Edition. The PMI came to a deduction that several project managers do not have the authority to close procurements or contracts, therefore the activities related to this task have been shifted to control procurement. Knowledge Areas: The Process Groups are same as the previous editions while there is a slight change in the names of two Knowledge Areas. Project Time Management will now be addressed as Project Schedule Management. Also, Project Human Resource Management will change to Project resource Management. Apart from these, there are several other changes the new edition is expected to bring. To know more about project management, its practices and concepts, join the Project Management courses by Synergy. Being a proud partner of one of the biggest brands in the world, Synergy offers hi-end courses for students and professionals who wish to make a career in the field of Project Management.      

PMI Talent Triangle v.1.0

PMI Talent Triangle copy

Owing to some industry demands, the PMI updated its CCI program on December 1st, 2015 by including a concept named “Talent Triangle.” The main reason for this update is to develop the skills in the three key areas defined by PMI. These areas are leadership, technical project management, and strategic and business management and are applicable for all PMI certifications.

The concept of Talent Triangle came into existence after conducting interviews with several experts. The aim of the interview was to identify the skills needed for a professional to become more efficient.

The Need for Talent Triangle


To become a successful project manager, one must possess good leadership skills. These skills are essential to motivate the team members and develop a vision for them. A leader must also have good management skills. Being a good manager is important to assign a task to the right person. If the team members lack the skill set, a leader has to provide the right training and coach them.

Technical Project Management

Technical knowledge is very important to manage and run a project. A project manager should know about cost management, procurement, earned value, scheduling network diagram and much more. Not knowing the technical aspects of a project might hinder the process of finding solutions. Moreover, lacking technical expertise might affect the project manager’s reputation among the team members. Thus, technical expertise is a very important factor to complete a project successfully.

Strategic and Business Management

Strategic and business management is the third arm of the Talent Triangle. This area is very important to analyze the business decisions before implementing them. The analysis includes various factors such as market conditions, legal requirements and compliance, cost benefit, strength and weakness, and much more. The main aim of this arm is to help the organization to achieve the long term goals and provide fresh energy.

In this fast developing world, a project manager should be versatile in nature. Having just one or two skills is not enough today. To increase the versatility of project managers, PMI introduced the Talent Triangle. Synergy School of Business Skills is India’s largest network for management training and is the best place to prepare for PMI certification exams. Join Synergy today and successfully prepare yourself for your official exams.

How Big Data is becoming the next big thing in project management

Big Data_1200x628

Project management is not an easy task and always comes with a lot of challenges. As the business has grown, project management and user data have grown to a huge extent. Therefore, it is time for the project managers to embrace the power of big data and adopt it for their benefit.

Why Big Data?

Big data is expanding so rapidly that any project manager who wants to stay in the field in the next few years has to start learning about Big Data. Project managers can become big data experts with a little effort. It is not a very bumpy ride. It is often assumed that the rapid development of big data technology is very difficult to adopt. Project managers believe that they have to learn to code or hire a data scientists to identify insights from raw data. However, all these assumptions are just myths.

Using Big Data

Anybody can access data and use it to analyze it. Non-IT people can easily get used to handling data without the need of any data scientists. With the right access to tools, the data analysis task such as data discovery, self-service data preparation, and semantic search become easier. The automated tools save up 80% percent of the time and free up a few resources.

Project Benefits of Big Data

Project managers can use big data to ensure maximum returns for any project. The project managers should hand over data to clients post-project. Focussing on historical data from past projects to access the risk profile. With big data, the project managers will easily be able to see the trends and identify the flags. The key is to get involved as early as possible. Initially adopting big data in project management will look like a big deal. But, as time passes, the efficiency and perforce will improve, and big data will become an essential part of project management.